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The Board

                              Board 2016 - 2019


The board of the IALP consists of volunteers who are elected by the membership to serve for a period of three years as members of the Executive Committee or as members at large.

The board meets annually to attend the business of the organisation.
Seated from Left:
Ellen Gerrits (NL), Tamer Abou-Elsaad (EG), Helen Grech (MT), Lilly Cheng (US), Meng-Ju Tsai (TW)
Standing from Left:
Osnat Segal (IL), Pam Enderby (UK), Ahmed Geneid (FL), Brian Schulman (US), Aoife McGuire  (IE), Astrid Frylmark (SE)
Micheal Robb (NZ)
Fernanda Dreux (BR),
Chang Hsiu-Wen (TW),
Maria Christopolou (CY)
Simon Mesber (VZ)
Emilia Michou (EL)
Suvi Stolt (Fl)


                                                          Executive Committee

Lilly Cheng (US) President
Helen Grech (MT) Immediate Past P.
Pamela Enderby(UK) President Elect
Meng-Ju Tsai(TW) Vice President
Tamer Abou-Elsaad (EG) Secretary
Brian Shulman (US) Treasurer
Michael Robb (NZ) Editor



                                                                  Board at Large

Chang Hsiu-Wen (TW)
Maria Christopolou (CY)
Fernanda Dreux(BR)
Astrid Frylmark(SE)
Ahmed Geneid (FL)
Ellen Gerrits(NL)
Simon Mesber (VZ)
Emilia Michou (EL)
Osnat Segal (IL)
Suvi Stolt (Fl)